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Refresh your body with a Swedish massage!

During the massage, the masseur uses stroking, rubbing, vibrating and kneading movements to refresh the body.

The Swedish massage

  • reduces pain (e.g. stress headaches),
  • speeds up recovery from injuries,
  • prevents the atrophy of unused muscles,
  • relieves insomnia,
  • increases alertness,
  • but above all, it promotes relaxation and reduces the effects of stress.

This treatment is one of the best known massages because it covers the whole body, massaging the muscles, tendons and joints.

It promotes the correct functioning of the locomotor functions, relaxes painfully tense, spasmodic muscles.

The most common techniques of Swedish massage are kneading, rubbing, smoothing and vibrating movements.

Try it yourself!

Make an appointment at Laterum Hotel reception in person or by calling 72/252 113.


25 minutes7 000 Ft
50 minutes11 000 Ft

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